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Now ready to tow your vehicle in and out of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona!


Load Deliveries

In need of vehicles to handle your load deliveries regularly? Get the peace of mind you deserve while we take charge of safe and timely deliveries. BD’AZ Towing has the team and equipment to help you stay on track.

Debris Clean Up

Hate the sight of garbage and junk? We feel you. Let us take the eye sore away. Whether caused by a natural disaster, structural demolition, or land clearing. We have a fleet of vehicles and an experienced hauling team to clear your property and take the trash and rubbish away.

Regular Transport

Got an urgent delivery but your vehicle’s out of shape? We know the importance of earning client trust. If your vehicle’s not available, we’ll provide. We can get your orders shipped on time.

Load Shifts

Do you have an urgent need for load shifts? When your load goes beyond the scales, no need to panic. Call us and we will put your cargo in place so you can operate your vehicle safely.

Hazmat Cleanup

Hazardous substances require specialized equipment and expertise. Our team can help control the risk it poses to public safety and the environment.

For seven years and counting, DB’AZ has always been committed to delivering a wide-array of towing and roadside services to most cities in Arizona. We also pride ourselves of constantly innovating new ways to provide help to organizations, private individuals, and different communities. That’s why we are now offering 6 new services to give solutions to the ever growing needs in freight, health, and safety within the state.

Utilizing the best fleet and equipment available in the industry, you can rely on us to deliver high-quality services wherever you are in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Nevada. BD’AZ is no longer just your #1 choice in towing, but the best all-around outdoor services provider!


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We serve clients in Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico
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